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Personalized, handwritten & thoughtful letters sent in the mail from Santa

    We are no longer accepting orders in 2017, and we would like to thank all of our customers!

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    Hi, I'm Riley, a teenager! I came up with the idea for Santa, Mail Me after I helped write letters from Santa for my mom's kindergarten class. Later, she told me when each kid opened their letter one-by-one, they were all waiting to see who was on the nice list. The anticipation leading up to everyone opening their letter was very joyful. Every kid was so cheerful, so I thought why not make a website for it?


    Answer questions about your child and we'll fit it into the letter


    Handwritten and creative. We spend time thinking about each letter!


    We'll email you a copy before the letter is mailed, so you can make sure it's perfect!

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      Please fill out this form, where we ask you some questions about your child (like what they want for Christmas, their hobbies, etc.) We will mail your letter within 2 days, and if it doesn't arrive by Christmas, we can send you a refund. We've also sent you an email receipt.

      If anything goes wrong, feel free to tweet me, @riieywz and I will respond speedy fast.


      We'll remind you in late November this year!

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